Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Donate to *Kant Studies Online*

The e-journal Kant Studies Online of which I am the Managing Editor now includes on its web-site information intended to make possible donation to the journal to help us with running costs. It lists the bank details of the journal and it would be helpful should any readers wish to donate if you could set up BAC transfers to the account number listed. You can find the info in question here.

Performance Philosophy

A new professional association has been formed for the research and study of the idea of "performance philosophy". The idea of this has been construed in a broadly inter-disciplinary way and is not restricted to the usual areas of theatre, dance and performance art though it is evidently intended to encompass them. The group welcomes new members, is free to join and includes the capacity to set up sub-groups and blogs connected to the venture. In solidarity with the venture I've joined and set up a sub-group on an area long of fascination to me, to which however, I have not, as yet tried to provide substantive pieces of work. This is the area of "fashion and performance". You can check out the broad network for this idea here and see my new sub-group, which I hope some readers will consider joining there as well.