Monday, 21 September 2009

New Blog on Cosmopolitics

Timothy Waligore, a supporter of this blog, who has commented on a number of previous postings, particularly with extensive comments on global taxes, and matters connected with the views of Thomas Pogge, has launched his own blog. It is focused on questions of cosmopolitics and Tim is good enough to credit this blog with being an inspiration to him. Expect dialogue and productive exchange between the two blogs, not least due to the fact that, in the course of forthcoming commentary on the text of Perpetual Peace, there will be discussion here of the 3rd definitive article on the question of cosmopolitan right.


H.M. Roff said...

Well it seems that Tim has also been posting to my blog, so we can hopefully get a triangulation of Kantian proportions. :-)

All best
H.M. Roff

Gary Banham said...

Let's hope so Heather: the three of us could have quite an inter-change!!