Friday, 5 February 2010

KCL Restructuring Plan Revealed

The full plan from KCL has been leaked. The plan makes clear that a total of 22 full-time equivalent posts in Arts and Humanities are at risk and that "all academic roles" within the School are at risk of redundancy. To have any chance of saving their jobs all members of staff will need to submit a detailed summary of their own role and performance. The plan also makes clear that the following have already been determined: loss of 3 posts as American Studies is closed, Linguistics will be closed with the loss of 4 posts, Paleography will cease as an activity with loss of 1 post, Philosophy will lose 2 posts as Computational Linguistics as an area of philosophy is discontinued, 1 post will be lost in Classics. 

In addition to these positions another 11 are planned for dismissal with the process mentioned above determining who they will be. All staff selected for redundancy will be dismissed by 31st August 2012. Bizarrely, in this blizzard of cuts the strategic plan outlines continuing and increasing investment for the following areas of study: Creativity; Global Politics, Culture and Identity; Digital and Visual Cultures. The plan is like a wreckers' charter and it is to be hoped that wide distribution of it amongst those campaigning against these changes will follow.

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