Monday, 8 March 2010

International Women's Day, Camfed and Entrepreneurs

It is the centenary of International Women's Day today, an occasion that has led to its being marked in a more general way than is common and reported widely across media which usually ignores the occasion. On the occasion of it this year I would like, as I did when it came to the Seasonal Appeal I made just prior to Christmas, to commend specifically the work of Camfed.

Before there are women there are girls and it is the welfare of girls that is one of the paramount questions currently for anyone interested in international justice. Foremost amongst the considerations of the welfare of girls is education since education is routinely denied girls in many places in the world. Camfed works in Africa, a part of the world where the education of girls is of particular significance since it is of major importance for the possibilities of development there. In the latest films Camfed have released there is a clear emphasis not just on educating girls but, most importantly, on educating them to be able to be leaders and, significantly, entrepreneurs. 

Despite the economic downturn producing a general sympathy for anti-capitalist sentiments the truth is that development of countries still requires a culture in which entrepreneurs are encouraged and, along with this, a culture in which the qualities of such entrepreneurship are cultivated amongst a wide section of the population, not least the female half. So please look at the films, support Camfed's effort and consider donating to their key aim of promoting the empowerment of girls in Africa.

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