Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Not the Kant Conference Report

Today the annual conference of the UK Kant Society begins. There are a couple of unusual features this year. The first is that the conference this year is a joint one with the Hegel Society of Great Britain. As a result the programme has a different feel to usual but includes some papers that certainly promise much.

The other unusual feature is that I won't be attending this year. This is due to two circumstances. Firstly, I was late in attempting to register for various reasons, including an unusually busy summer. The second is that the conference is over-subscribed and no new registrations were available. On one level this is definitely good news since it shows enhanced interest in Kantian and Hegelian philosophy which is surely all for the best. The level on which it is less good news is that people - not just me! - have been turned away from the event, something surely not good. This seems to have arisen not merely due to a good level of interest but also because the venue booked for the event was simply too small. Because of this I will not this year, unlike last, be able to post a report on the event for those unable to attend who may have wished to have an account of what transpired. Here's hoping someone else provides the report in my stead!

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