Sunday, 12 December 2010

Alfie Meadows and Police Violence

Following yesterday's posting I can further report that there is now a specific blog that has been set up to report on incidents at the demonstration in London on Thursday documenting actions taken by the police. It can be found here. Further there is also a demonstration in London to protest specifically the violence that was inflicted on Alfie Meadows and is it is publicised over at infinite thought. The British media has, somewhat predictably, come to its own verdict concerning the violence on Thursday and, following the statement of the Prime Minister, decided all the blame lies with the demonstrators. Anyone who has been following the stories of wanton police detention, so-called "kettling", of people for hours at a time without access to food, drink or toilets, will not believe this official narrative but will credit instead the words of those who were there and the witness of Alfie Meadows and his friends.

Finally, for a detailed account of the demonstration that undercuts the police narrative see this article by Laurie Penny.

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