Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Blogging When Distressed

I'm aware that, after the bumper number of postings in March, the blog has got off to a slow start in April. There is a simple reason for this: distressing family news. Without going into detail about it, safe to say it is the kind of happening that has to be faced in life but which never is something that can be expected to be easy. This creates a number of questions but one I thought I would put to myself and my readers here is, what is it like to try to keep in communication with others on a public site such as a blog when life has taken you and given you a difficult time?

Of course the simple thing to do in such a situation is shut down such public activities for a time and I might do this. The opposite response would be to use such a platform for open confessional purposes but I would find that distasteful. So an intermediate solution would be to acknowledge to readers that I am feeling this distress and that, due to it, I might be intermittent in posting for a little while and perhaps sound a bit off-key. I will be back on form soon but, in the interim, would just like to say that it is true that no one ever said this living thing would be easy and its just as well they didn't because it isn't!

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